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Tips on living in a Russian host-family

Living in a host family

Living in a family gives you an opportunity to practice your Russian language every day in the natural language environment. Please, don’t forget that you are both a member of a host-family and its guest. The host-family and you may have a lot of differences - personal and cultural.
We would like the family and you calmly accept these differences, respect habits and traditions of the host-family.

General conditions of living

You will have your own room. There will be a desk, a bed, a wardrobe and light. You are expected to keep your room clean and tidy. Smoking and drinking alcohol is not allowed in your room. If you need any special things or medicine, please, see to it beforehand and take them with you.

You will have your own key. Please, use caution and make sure that you return your key on your departure.

Write down the address and exchange phone numbers with your host family. Always warn them if you are going to be late or are planning to be away for several days travelling.

A host family provides bedlinen, towels.

Personal hygiene products (toothpaste, soap, shampoo, shower gel etc.) are NOT provided by a host family.


If you choose living with meals, notify the family about the products you don’t eat or allergies.
Discuss with the family the time of having breakfast and dinner and try to keep to it.

The hosts may ask you to cook yourself breakfast out of offered products. Dinner is usually cooked by the host-family. If you don’t have enough, don’t hesitate to ask politely for second helping.

After meal, please, clean after yourself and wash your dishes.

Using the phone

If you want to use the stationary phone, ask for permission of your host-family. International calls are paid separately. For making calls we recommend you to buy a sim-card in Petrozavodsk and use it.

Internet access

You will have Internet access in the apartment, though we recommend you to bring your own laptop.
We have computer classes and free Internet in Petrozavodsk State University during studies.

Washing clothes

You can use the washing-machine to wash your clothes. Ordinary laundry detergent is included in the price.


While filling out the application form, specify if you need a family which tolerates smoking or a non-smoking family. Most families allow smoking only outside. Upon your arrival, please, ask the hosts about their attitude towards smoking and whether they will allow you to smoke near them even outside.


The cost, excluding food, is 10,000 RUB per month. Including food, the cost in 15,000 RUB (with breakfasts only) per month and 19,000 RUB (with breakfasts and dinners) per month. You should pay directly to your host family preferably in RUB within 3 days after your arrival.

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