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On a visit to Puppets
1This week our foreign students visited Tatiana Kalinina’s art gallery “The Puppet’s House”.
They got acquainted with the exhibition of puppet masters and artists works. The exhibition of the art gallery has repeatedly taken part in international tradeshows and theatrical festivals. Just like every other visitor of the enchanting “Puppet’s House”, the students left the art gallery with smiles on their faces and with fresh impressions.
Then the foreign guests were enrolled in a puppet-making workshop. Under the delicate guidance of a master our students made their own puppets in folk costumes, which they could take along as souvenirs.




Karelian Study Holidays
7Last weekend was very eventful for the students from Birmingham. They visited our trademark sight the Kizhi island, challenged themselves on a rafting trip on the Shuya River, and enjoyed the town during the weekday evenings.
What amazes our guests most of all is the white nights Petrozavodsk shares with the town dwellers and visitors. They say they render a special touch to the town.




Petrozavodsk Impressions from our Birmingham Group Leader 2013 Rhys Stevenson
1Our international students are so excited spending their days in Petrozavodsk now that they want to snatch an opportunity to share their impressions of the town with others. Here is the first robin from Birmingham group leader Rhys Stefanssohn about the 310th anniversary of Petrozavodsk.




Getting Acquainted with the Karelian Art
Karelian ArtDuring these sunny summer days our international students have to study hard. But every day they don’t forget to meet the Karelian culture, either.
Yesterday our students visited the Art Museum of the Republic of Karelia. They were introduced to the Russian Old and Modern Art. The museum doesn’t possess a huge collection of the Russian Art but there is an exciting and impressive exposition of the Karelian Old Art.




Summer is the time to study joyfully!
2So far it is the eighth summer students from the University of Birmingham (Great Britain) spend in Petrozavodsk University. Just as before, the youngsters came to study the Russian language, get to know the Russian and Karelian culture, and, of course, get a heap of new and, as we hope, pleasant impressions, as many of them visit Russia for the first time.




Feedback from Our Student from Belgium
Philip Saussez from Belgium spent 2 weeks in Petrozavodsk State University and told us a little bit about his study experience here.




Flea Market in Petrozavodsk
Flea Market in PetrozavodskPetrSU foreign students from Turkey and Finland visited an unusual performance – international project “Thing in Itself” which was held on June 8-9 on the premises of “Petrovskaya Sloboda” complex. Its peculiarity lays in the combination of a traditional flea market and performances of artistic people.




PetrSU is the leader in international activity
PetrSU According to the results of the annual National Ranking of the Russian Universities organized by “Interfax” and “Echo of Moscow” Petrozavodsk State University is still among the leaders in criterion “International Activity (Internationalization)”.




Summer again
Summer again June came and Summer University opened its classes for foreign students who are willing to improve their knowledge of the Russian language. Foreign guests are awaited here with grammar and speaking lessons, and plunging into the language environment. Besides that, this year everyone is without doubt cheered up with warm sunny weather, blossoming city and long light evenings.




PetrSU International Students (Ulugbek)
1Traditionally every year the Faculty of Philology of PetrSU enrolls foreign students. So, Ulugbek (Ulik) Ikrimov, a student from Tajikistan, came this year to study at the Faculty of Philology having passed a competitive selection in his homeland. Ulik didn’t have any difficulties passing a test as he had been studying Russian as a foreign language for three years at school. As the student himself notes, such qualities as diligence, studiousness and patience helped him reach a high level of proficiency in the Russian language.



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