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British Students Complete Summer Course at NEOU PetrSU
a group of students from BirminghamThe students, who arrived on the 25th of June, are finishing their month-long Russian language course this week. This is the 6th year in a row that the University of Birmingham has sent Russian-language students to Petrozavodsk.




Illusions of the Old City / 2011
Illusions of the Old City 7The opening of the performance “Illusions of the Old City” took place on the 2nd of July, at 14.00 in the place of Petrozavodsk historical building around Neglinskaya quay and Fedosova street at the house of the forest warden of Mr. Kuchevsky (Neglinskaya quay, 23).




British students have arrived in Petrozavodsk!
a group of students from Birmingham22 students from the University of Birmingham will be spending a month at NEOU PetrSU. They will be going to language classes in the morning, and the university has a full cultural program lined up for them to keep them busy in the afternoons.




Americans in Karelia
General photoAt the beginning of the summer season 2011 the group of American students from Colorado took an intensive Russian Language Program at NEOU PetrSU.




Young French economists trained at PetrSU
Training sessionA group of students from Mercury Academy (Montpellier, France) takes a four-week internship at PetrSU since 1st of May.




Journey to the dawn of civilization
Visit to the museumA group of foreign students has made a training tour to the Archaeological Museum of the Karelian Research Centre of RAS.




Some differences between Russia and Germany
Thomas Gros Thomas has already spent about two months in Russia. Firstly it was rather difficult to live here because he didn’t know the Russian language. But it was surprising that many people here speak English, especially young people. It was surprising because when Thomas visited Volgograd four years ago no one spoke English there. So, it was not so difficult to adapt to life in Petrozavodsk.




March, 1st
News of MarchIn the first day of spring the presentation of books to their authors has taken place at NEOU PetrSU. Students from China have written essays about how they chose their speciality after school and why the choice fell on the Russian language. And here now their essays are published in the form of the collection with colourful photos and the small introduction of their teacher.




One Day in the Zaonezhskaya Family
Pic 1On February, 18th, fifteen foreign students visited exposition «One Day in the Zaonezhskaya Family». Students from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia and China participated in a fascinating interactive excursion and watched a film showing sketches from life of peasants.




National cuisine Party
Pic 1On the 11th of February on the threshold of the St.Valentine's Day “National cuisine Party” was hosted at NEOU PetrSU! It’s a well-known fact that to enjoy all the delicacy of international cuisine, you need to visit the place of its origin. But the guests of the evening didn’t have to go abroad because the table was full of dainty dishes, cooked by the students from China, America, Norway, Finland, Latvia and Russia. For these dishes the participants chose the best recipes to show the subtle peculiarities of their national cuisine.



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