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Theatrical March of International Students
Theatrical March of International StudentsEach term educational excursions in various museums of Petrozavodsk are organized for PetrSU international students basically in the frames of lessons on Study of Culture&Region and in addition to lessons on Grammar, Phonetics and Colloquial Practice. This term the THEATRE became the general topic for students from Finland, Sweden, Norway, the USA, the Great Britain, Australia and Vietnam.




Kalevala Day
at the lessonOn February, 28th the Kalevala Day was celebrated in Karelia and in Finland. In connection with this event, the students who arrived to our University under exchange programs from Turku, Joensuu and Oulu had a thematic lesson on conversational Russian speech. The students told about the first acquaintance with the legendary epos, prepared monologues about heroes and symbols of "Kalevala", about life and activities of Ellias Lenrot. The lesson was conducted at Art Gallery "Doll's House of Tatiana Kalinina" where the interesting exposition (executed by the artist B.Kudrjavtsev) about Kalevala world was presented.


Demonstration English Lesson at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences
demonstration lessonOn February, 28th the demonstration English lesson organised by a principle of a round table has taken place at PetrSU.




International Students of PetrSU Celebrate the Pancake Week
at the “Pancake” lessonOn February, 24th, the international students from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Vietnam, the UK, the USA and Australia had an unusual “Pancake” lesson. They drank tea with pancakes that were made according to Russian or national cookies, also made Pancake week’s scarecrows, guessed riddles, played Russian national games and watched a part of film about the Pancake week celebrating in Moscow in XIXth century.




Petrozavodsk State University unites PPL!
international students at PetrSU_spring semester 2012Last weeks 10 international students from Finland, Norway, Sweden, the UK, the USA & Australia arrived in Petrozavodsk.They will study till June-July because after this cold winter everyone wishes to stay in Petrozavodsk till summer to see its streets in blossom and visit well-known sights.




Winter Time
Winter Time in KareliaThe beginning of the spring semester 2012 is going to start together with severe Karelian frosts that unexpectedly fell into the region after so long supposed-to-be-everlasting autumn.




Pleasant Offbeat Test
Pleasant Offbeat TestThe group of international students from Finland, Belgium and Germany (trained at PetrSU under exchange programs) have successfully passed a test on Russian as a foreign. The students have done the grammar-test & checked themselves on several levels (TORFL-1, TORFL-2 and TORFL-3) at once.




Chinese Students opened the World of Russian Folklore
at Tatiana Kalinina’s Art Gallery “Puppets’ House”Creative works – short stories and fairy tales – such as «Kak domovoi I leshii v karty igrali”, “Baba-Yaga i ploxoi malchik”, “Kikimora v gostjax u domovogo” became a result of the unusual lesson at Tatiana Kalinina’s Art Gallery “Puppets’ House”.




at the Lecture&Exhibition hall of the Kizhi museumOn November, 17th, the International Students’ Day, our international students were invited to the special program at the Lecture&Exhibition hall of the Kizhi museum.




New Words & Perfect Mood
at the Museum of Petrozavodsk Industrial HistoryFresh days of the new academic year, intensive studies, overloaded schedule … but there is always some time and place for non-traditional lecture formats. So, one of our international students, the engineer from France, Mr. Vincent Talet used an opportunity to enrich the vocabulary (technical terms mostly) at machine tools directly.



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