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Foreign Students Met with the Representative of the Department of the Federal Migration Service for the Republic of Karelia
1What are exit visas? What problems arise if a student breaks the laws of the Russian Federation? In which cases are foreign students allowed to work in Russia? What is the maximum validity of the study visa?
The foreign students of Petrozavodsk State University had an opportunity to address these and many other questions to the Deputy Director of the Department of the Federal Migration Service for the Republic of Karelia Roman Toivonen.




Postgraduate Student from the USA Studies Problems of the National Identit
KatieKatie Stewart, a postgraduate student of the Faculty of Political Sciences of Indiana University in Bloomington (USA), believes knowledge of history and political studies to be very important as it helps avoiding the mistakes made by our predecessors.




New Year Celebration for the Students of the Institute of International Programs
1New Year’s Eve is the most magical time of the year, when holiday spirit and excitement are in the air. And as any other holiday, New Year is a great opportunity to learn more about the culture, traditions and mindset of the citizens of a country.




Debates on Global Partnership for Sustainable Development
3Within PetrSU the 2nd-year international relations students conducted a small UN Summit «Sustainable Development Promotes Global Partnership». The open debates were held in the framework of the English proficiency course as the final activity on the studied topic.




Studying Russian is Harder than Hunting
Gabor Somogyi So different and interesting people come to our university to study! PetrSU is receiving a criminal investigator specializing in armed robberies from Hungary. But here his mission is peaceful – he came to study the intricacies of the Russian language.




Tasty Food Feud
1Studying and living far from your family is an experiment, examination and experience all in one. One of the points is to test yourself as cooks, as you have to prepare the food yourself and every day. During whole November all the students who live in the university dormitories could prove their independency from homemade food and show their culinary talents to their friends and neighbors.




The Preparatory Faculty of PetrSU Opens its Doors to International Students
5In the end of November a welcoming ceremony for the first group of prospective students from Jordan took place at the Preparatory Faculty.




Russians Rarely Debate!
MatildaIt only seems that all pupils and students are the same. The international students of Petrozavodsk State University studying medicine, the Russian language and engineering, describe the specifics of national education in foreign countries, from Sudan to Belgium. We’ve learned what the foreign students think of the bells, grades and our educational system.




New Economy - New Opportunities
2The 7th Youth Economic Forum “New Economy - New Opportunities” was held in Petrozavodsk on November 12-14, 2015. Being a discussion platform, it gathered over 200 young scientists and specialists dealing with theoretical and practical issues of social and economic development. They came from different regions of the Russian Federation and foreign countries. Four exchange students of PetrSU from Finland and Germany attended the Forum’s general plenary, a round table dealing with cross-border cooperation, and a lecture about the paradoxes of the Russian labor market. The two of them shared their impressions with us.




We Came to Study at PetrSU
SakuraHow can the Russian language unite a Japanese and a Chinese? Why would Americans study the Russian character? What Russian literature is read in the Czech Republic? Our international students tell a bit about that.



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