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The 75th anniversary of Petrozavodsk State University. Congratulations from PetrSU international students.
International StudentsPetrSU foreign students congratulate Petrozavodsk State University on its 75th anniversary.




Starting the New Academic Year
1The first weeks of September are a busy season for the university and its students. While the exchange and Russian language courses students are still arriving to PetrSU, most of the future specialists, bachelors and masters started their studying exactly from the 1st of September or even earlier.




To PetrSU to Learn the Language of the Ancestors
DianaSeveral weeks ago Diana Fotler started struggling through grammatical and orthoepic intricacies of the Russian language. She is driven by her desire to learn the language of her parents.




Studying is Close at Hand
2The summer holidays are getting to their end and more and more students come to Petrozavodsk State University to continue or to start their studies.




Getting Acquainted with Petrozavodsk
2In the end of summer students start coming back from holidays and the new students arrive to the town for the first time. To learn about the capital of Karelia, to make themselves at home, every week the new-comers can go on a walking tour to the excursion around Petrozavodsk.




Russian Language Summer School for the Students from Norway
2For two weeks the students from Norway were studying at the Department of the Russian Language of the Faculty of Philology of PetrSU. The School was organized in cooperation with the Norwegian University Center in St. Petersburg.




What a Wonderful World
15Students from different countries participated in the conference “What a Wonderful World” that took place in the framework of the Summer University of PetrSU. The foreign guests studying the Russian language and their teachers made presentations about their countries. In two hours the participants of the conference could visit the US, Spain, Columbia, Norway, Slovakia, and Mexico. They got to know the sights, traditions and holidays of these countries.




Karelian Beauties
1PetrSU foreign students continue exploring the Karelian nature and sights. One of the places that are worth seeing is Ruskeala marble quarry filled with ground waters.




From the Land of the Rising Sun to PetrSU
Sakurai KentoThe young man came to PetrSU as an exchange student from the University of Sofia in Tokyo (Japan) where he has been studying the Russian language for three and a half years. “When I was a schoolboy, I thought that Russian is the most difficult language and though very few Japanese speak it, I wanted to learn it. Besides I want to form my own opinion of your country and to do that I need to learn to speak and read Russian”, said Kento.




Students from Jordan got sertificates of education
1During 8 months the students from Jordan have been attending the pre-foundation program at PetrSU. Now they became students of the Medical Institute of PetrSU.



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