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 Petrozavodsk State University (PetrSU)

A safe place to study
Main building of PetrSUPetrozavodsk State University is the largest multi-disciplinary classical university of Northern European Russia. The university plays a leading role in the scientific, personnel, and technological maintenance of the social and economic development of Karelia. PetrSU develops in the most promising spheres of technology: innovation, production activity, and international cooperation. There are academicians, ministers, and world-renowned specialists in both culture and science among its graduates.









 Facts and Figures

PetrSU was founded in 1940 as the Finnish-Karelian University and gained its current name in 1956. Through its 75-year history, PetrSU has become the largest university in Northern European Russia and has trained more than 60,000 students.

Today more than 12000 students attend classes in various undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs. They are taught by more than 1000 lecturers, including:

  • 105 Doctors of Science
  • 502 Candidates of Science
  • 66 professors
  • 329 associate professors

The university occupies 13 buildings throughout the city and operates a botanical garden, the swimming pool “Onego,” several laboratories, and a publishing house. Its library holds around 1.4 million books. 

PetrSU is the largest educational institution and the leading university of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in Northern European Russia.

More than 200 students study Baltic, Finnish, and Scandinavian philology and culture and Finnish, Karelian, Vepsian, and Scandinavian languages and literature.

PetrSU is ranked highly among large research centers in the fields of programming, information technology, plasma research, mathematics, physics, medicine, etc.

PetrSU Swimming pool Folk music group Toive Choir of PetrSU
studying process PetrSU PetrSU our international students

PetrSU structure:

  • 11 educational institutes, 78 departments and 267 educational programs
  • 84 laboratories, development and project departments
  • 27 innovative centres
  • 28 small enterprises established by the university
  • 2 Technoparks
  • Linguistic Centre
  • 117 patents gained from scientific research


  • Institute of Biology, Ecology and Agricultural Technologies
  • Institute of Foreign Languages
  • Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences
  • Institute of Forestry, Mining and Construction Sciences
  • Institute of Mathemaics and Information Technologies
  • Institute of Education and Psychology
  • Institute of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism
  • Institute of Philology
  • Institute of Economics and Law
  • Institute of Medicine
  • Institute of Physics and Technology 

Сenters of international language testing:

  • TORFL (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language)
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
  • TOLES (Test of Legal English Skills)
  • DELF (Test of French as a Foreign Language)
PetrSU graduates language room PetrSU programmers - winners of the world championships Faculty of Industrial and Civil Engineering

International cooperation

Over the years, PetrSU has been very active in the international arena. Today, 375 international students from the USA, Europe, China, and other countries study at the university, and 10 professors from various countries teach here.

PetrSU has 86 active international agreements with  about 30 countries including Finland, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, Portugal, the UK, the USA, Canada, Belgium, Korea, and countries of the Baltic region, among others. International exchange programs are active with 63 foreign universities and 30 international projects are held annually with financial support from various international funds, programs, and organizations (EU, EBRD,USAID, CRDF, IREX, DAAD, CIMO).

PetrSU international units include the Linguistic Centre, the EU Center in the Barents Region of Russia, the International Summer University, the International Programming Specialist Training Center, and the PetrSU Metso, Nokia, and Ponsse Centers. The Institute of International Programs houses the Atlantic and Asia Cooperation Center, the European Union Information Center, and the International Education Center.

PetrSU cooperates with UNESO, the University of the Arctic, the Joint Working Group on Education and Research of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region, the National Board on Education in Finland, the International Association of Finno-Ugric Universities, the Association of Open Innovations FRUCT, and the Barents Peace Education Network.

international students PetrSU PetrSU studying process

Academic degrees and diplomas

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Master of Science
  • Master of Arts
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Doctor of Science

Duration of study:

  • B.Sc. - 8 semesters
  • M.Sc. - 4 semesters
  • Ph.D. - 6 semesters

Academic year structure:

  • Fall semester (September-January)
  • Spring semester (February-June)

Language of instruction: Russian

Language courses offered: Russian, English, Finnish, German, and French.

international students studying process international students in the library

Students’ success

  • PetrSU graduates are winners of the open international competition of theses and projects among CIS country universities.
  • In 2015, 4 students from PetrSU were awarded Potanin Foundation scholarships
  • In 2014, 7 students from PetrSU were awarded scholarships of the President and Government of Russia.
  • Students of the PetrSU Department of Economics were winners of the all-Russian student academic competition in Banking.
  • The joint development (wood-cement material) of two students of PetrSU (one undergraduate and one postgraduate) was awarded the gold medal at the High Technologies – Innovations Investments (HI-TECH) exhibition in St. Petersburg (2015).
  • A student of the PetrSU Mathematics Department took second place in the international competition IT-planet 2014/15.
  • PetrSU Master's students were winners of the 8th International Competition in Information Technology IT-Planet 2014/15.
PetrSU PetrSU PetrSU in the library

Sports achievements

  • PetrSU students took 3rd place in the championship of the Russian Student Sports Union in track and field.
  • PetrSU student Vladislav Larin is a winner of the European championship and bronze medallist at the World Taekwondo Championship.
  • PetrSU student Yekaterina Derbeneva won the bronze medal in the International Ranking Tournament in Taekwondo in the Netherlands.
  • PetrSU student Natalia Dyachkova is a world champion in Thai Boxing among professionals.
  • The PetrSU team won the Intercollegiate Team Grand Prix in the Alma Mater Cup for Asian game Go. (Tula).
  • PetrSU graduate Rashad Muradov is a bronze medallist of Russia in combined martial arts. He is the first master of sports in this sport in Karelia.

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