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Exhibitions at the National Museum of Karelia: 

  • Экспозиция «Природа Карелии»

  • Макет Кижского историко-архитектурного ансамбля

Exhibitions at Kizhi Museum

  • Интерактивная программа «В путь-дороженьку» (April 12 - June 10)

  • Программа «Традиции плотницкого мастерства» (May17 - October 17)

  • Программа «Традиции северной деревни» (May 17 - October 15)

  • Программа «Традиции судостроения и кузнечного ремесла» (May 17 - October 15)

  • Программа «Путешествие на праздник на острове Кижи» (May 17 - October 15)

  • Программа «Пятничные гостевания на острове Кижи» (May 17 - October 15)

  • Программа «На остров Кижи летом» (May 17 - October 15)

  • Программа «Остров Кижи за один день» (June 1 - August 31)

Exhibitions at City Exhibition Hall of Petrozavodsk 2017

  • 25.05. - 17.06. Анне Лэйбовиц. Живопись. (Дулут, США)
  • 20.06. - 06.08. «Paris, Paris…». Анри де Тулуз Лотрек. Литографии из частных европейских собраний.
  • 10.08. - 03.09. Валерий Болтушин, Татьяна Андрианова, Мария Галенко. Выставка аналоговой фотографии. (Нарва, С-Петербург)
  • 07.09. - 01.10. Виталий Бубенцов, Александр Феофилактов. Живопись, графика. (Мурманск).
  • 05.10. - 29.10. «Третья пятилетка». Выставка к 15-летию Творческого союза художников Карелии
  • 02.11. - 26.11. Олег Юнтунен. Офорт.
  • 29.11. - 17.12. Маргарита и Юрий Пермяковы. Живопись, графика, дизайн.
  • 21.12. – 11.02.2018 «100 чудес света». 3-я коллекция лучших фотографов мира, постоянных авторов журналов «National geographic», «GEO», «Вокруг света».




3, Wed Iolanta

19:00 (opera in 2 acts)

music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky

6, Sat Don Quixote

21:00 (ballet in 3 acts)

music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky

duration 2 hours 30 minutes

9,Tue Wait for me

18:00 (musical-poetical programme)

based on soviet composers songs abd front-line soldiers poems

14, Sun Swan Lake

18:00 (ballet in 3 acts)

music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky

19,Fri A Midsummer Night's Dream

19:00 (ballet in 2 acts)

music by Felix Mendelssohn

duration - 1 hour 40 minutes

21,Sun Carmen

18:00 opera in 2 acts

music by Georges Bizet

duration 3 hours

performed in French

(the performance will have synchronised Russian supertitles)

24, Wed Cinderella

19:00 (ballet in 3 acts)

music by Sergey Prokofiev

duration - 2hours 10 minutes

26,Fri Die Fledermaus/The Bat

19:00 (operetta in 3 acts)

music by Johann Strauss

duration - 3 hours

28,Sun The Queen of Spades

18:00 (opera in 2 acts)

music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky

duration - 3 hours 20 minutes

31,Wed Il Barbiere di Siviglia

19:00 (opera buffa with intermission)

music by G.Rossini

duration - 2 hours 40 minutes

performed in Russian

Kantele rafting Women football rafting

Petrozavodsk is a fascinating city with a lot of wonderful places to visit.

The Onego Lake embankment is a favorite place of citizens where they often meet each other to take a walk. You can reach almost any place you would like to visit in our city from the embankment. The main street of the city is prospekt Lenina, which goes from the embankment to the railway station, presented by a marvelous building of the Soviet architect Tsipulin. There are numerous city parks where you can take a walk and feed the ducks any time of the day.


There are four professional theatres in Petrozavodsk where various performances are given almost every day:

For those who enjoy going to the cinema, Petrozavodsk provides several places:

Many consider trying Karelian cuisine a “must” during their visit to Petrozavodsk. The “Karelskaya gornitsa” restaurant is a perfect place to start. Here, you can find both Karelian and Finnish cuisine. In addition, you can try traditional Russian pancakes, pelmeni and dumplings in “Testo”.
There are also many other restaurants and bars located in the heart of the city near the university where you may try cuisines from all over the world. Among them are:

Musical Theatre The Puppet Theatre Kudama village Folk music group Toive
Zumba KVN Swimming pool Onego Rock concert


Petrozavodsk is a perfect place for doing sports and other activities.
Every winter, Petrozavodsk opens free skating rinks all around the city. In addition, you may visit the leisure center “Lumi” year-round to skate with your friends. Another leisure center, “Gorka” offers skating, skiing, and snowboarding near the city center. In the summer, “Gorka” offers tennis, roller-skating, cycling, and a rope park. You may also enjoy skiing on the city ski track, “Fontany.” Additionally, there are two hippodromes where you can try riding a horse or take horse-riding lessons: the “Nega” and “Allur” hippodromes.
If you enjoy playing billiards, 3 billiard rooms are opened in Petrozavodsk: “12 Futov”, “Billiard-Hall” and “Do Zari”. Bowling is available at 2 places: “Aviaretro” and “Na Kryshe”.
There are three swimming pools: “Onego” – swimming pool of PetrSU, “Akvatika” and “H2O”.
Among other popular sports are table tennis, soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, boxing, judo, karate, u-shu, hockey, for which a large network of stadiums, gums, centres has been created.
Table tennis
Petrozavodsk State University also has numerous teams representing the university in a variety of sports. You can contact your coordinator to gather more information about becoming involved in any of the above-mentioned activities.

dog sledding taekwondo sledding Veloday
Skiing Basketball Snowboarding kayaking

Karelia is a picturesque and fascinating region, where you can see a lot of wonderful places. You may enjoy the sound of the waterfall Kivach or the glory of the Kizhi churches. The “Ruskeala” mountain park will amaze you with its beautiful lake and huge quarries. Notable places as Valaam, Solovki, Martsialnye Vody will teach you the history of the region.
If you want to try skiing or skateboarding outside the city, then you may visit the “Yalgora” sports center. You may also try riding in a dog sled at “Ruskeala” or various tourist centers, such as “Kudama”. 
Please contact your coordinator for more information.

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