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Must see. Mountain Vottovaara

Mountain Vottovaara 

Vottovaara is a quaint and beautiful mountain, which is a large plateau area of six square kilometers. It has a number of interesting features which distinguish Vottovaara from other similar cultural attractions. 
At the top of the mountain there are about 1600 stones. These stones are laid out in mysterious order. Scientists suggest that this is an ancient religious complex. The Vottovaara stones are called Seidi. It is a cult item, usually a rock with unusual shape. Sieidis are found in nature in certain sacred places. Seidi fit harmoniously into the terrain of the Vottovaara Mountain. Who, when and why put these stones here? It is still a mystery. 
The terrain of Vottovaara Mountain is very strange. There are many trees of unusual, bizarre shape. For a certain level a tree grows perfectly normal. But at some point a trunk becomes twisted and tied into knots of incredible shapes. A large number of crooked and knotted trees make an eerie impression. 
Another attraction of Vottovaara is so-called “Stairway to heaven”. It is a number of 13 steps. There are a lot of legends about their origin and destination. Although geologists believe that the stairway is formed by weathering. 
Thus, if you are in Karelia, do not lose a great chance and visit Russian Stonehenge.

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