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Places to see. Sortavala

How to reach

The bus from Petrozavodsk takes 4 hours; you can buy a ticket in Petrozavodsk bus station (Autoasema). The road has fine views of Ladoga skerries, which you will definitely like. 
If you can go there by car, you will have an opportunity to see views and sights of Ladoga shore and Finnish-Karelian villages closer. You can see Winter's cottage (nowadays' hotel), Helylä's nearbys, abandoned churches and come freely to Ruskeala mountain park.

There is also Lastochka rapid train from Sortavala to Saint-Petersburg (4 hours too), if you have a wish to continue your trip.


What to see


The town centre is typical for Northern European small town. It is regularly planned, easy to be oriented in, and made of wooden and brick buildings. Most houses in the town centre are built in Finnish national romantic style and early functionalism, so it's worth spending a couple of hours just to stroll around and wondering at original glory of old Finland. Famous Finnish architects, such as Johan J. Ahrenberg, Uno Werner Ullberg left their works here, so you can meet them closely.

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Post office, former office of United bank of northern countries. Photos: @antigonagonna



Siitosen talo, nowaday's town hall. Photo: @bazhenoff3000


Kirova square. Photo: @antigonagonna


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 Some of Gogolev's works

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