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Places To See. Kinerma

The word "kinerma" means precious earth." Kinerma is a Karelian village, lost in the depths of the Pryazha region. The village was founded more than four hundred years ago, and the chronicle data indicates that its appearance dates back to 1563. A unique feature of Kinerma is the fact that 17 houses are located there, 10 of them belong to the monuments of architecture. That is why Kinerma is not an ordinary abandoned village, but a truly complex monument of Karelian-Livvik wooden folk architecture.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the houses in the village of Kinerma are located in a circle, in the central part of which there is a chapel and an old cemetery, hidden with spruce forest. The chapel in the village was built 250 years ago in the beginning of the 18th century, and the locals have handed down from generation to generation the legend of its unexpected appearance.

The nature of the village Kinerma is special in its own way. Kinerma is located two km from Lake Vedlozero; at the same distance is the Kura River.Walking the village, one can enjoy plenty of all the natural beauties. About 700-1700 tourists visit the village every year. In this village anyone could dive in the old times.

In Kinerma there is a tourist shelter for 20, and in winter - for 10 places. In addition, there is the possibility of renting the house. Guests of the village, who want to truly experience all the beauty and charm of rural life, can take part in courses dedicated to the preparation of national dishes of Karelian cooking. If you wish, you can take a steam bath in a real “black” Russian bathhouse.

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